Ruben Manuel Designs

Ruben Manuel

I started my jewelry design business in 2005 after a career in technology. My aesthetic is colorfully bold, with simple, straight forward lines. I work primarily in gold and sterling silver, but my designs can be articulated in any metal my client desires.

I design for both men and women. My client is discerning, knowledgeable, youthful or maybe just young at heart. They don’t mind being the center of attention and in some circumstances crave it. They are responsible and generous. They respond to the fact that certain purchases result in donations to AIDS Research, Breast Cancer Awareness or to Support Our Troops. They want jewelry that is colorful, distinctive, and cleverly designed.

Our pieces can be purchased as is or we have a very unique & special bespoke experience available to our clients as well.

Ruben Manuel designing jewelry

As a first generation, self-taught designer I had very few resources. But, what I did have is generations of inspiration. My Native American and Mexican American heritage greatly influences my design aesthetic. My designs are bold, colorful and joyful, qualities that epitomize Mexican culture. Native American symbolism is rich in tradition with beautiful shapes which I interpret in a modern, wearable, happy way.

As for the future, my design intention is to delve into my ancestry; mine the jewels of that legacy to create jewelry that’s borne in tradition but lives intentionally with joy in the 21st century and beyond.

Our mission is to elevate and modernize Native American jewelry by creating bold, unique, versatile & beautiful pieces that accentuate one’s style & personality.

Our vision is to ignite mystery, boldness & confidence in one’s life

I look forward to welcoming you into the Ruben Manuel Designs family!